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Game Review: Behind The Frame

Hygge: 10/10, drinking tea a windowsill and listening to the the birds

Whimsy: Transports you through canvas and world. Gorgeously art-directed.

Game Type: Story-Driven Point & Click Puzzle

Estimated Playtime: 1hr

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Mobile (iOS, Google Play)

Step into a beautiful story that almost feels like a lost Studio Ghibli film. You play as an artist going

about her day, readying to apply to an arts program in New York.

Through simple point and click, this cozy and soothing game presents odd little puzzles and you begin to realize as the story unravels that something mysterious is going on with the paintings and the old man who lives across the street.

A lot of care clearly when into the creation of this story and the art around it. I found myself swept up in the 6 chapter story, not ready for it to end and moved a bit to tears when the final pieces fell into place. It's a quick game--taking only an hour to complete, but very worth the time and money.

If you're looking to travel and transport yourself to a magical world and get swept up in the whimsy, I cannot recommend Behind The Frame enough. It was truly breathtaking.


Watch the Game (Spoilers, Full Gameplay)

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