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The dangers Changelings pose to Terra Mirum have been whispered since the very beginning, but when the door sealing away The Nothing opens-poisoning dreams and pulling Dreamers into an endless sleep-a Changeling may be their only hope.

Changeling is book 2 in the Terra Mirum Chronicles series.

Below you will find any major retailers that I am currently aware of that have Changeling up for sale. I have listed hardback versions where available, but some sites may have a separate listing for the paperback.

These lists will be added to as I find more. However, if you have a local bookstore that you want to support, you should be able to ask to pre-order the book through them. I highly encourage you to support any local stores you can!


I have commissioned a graphic artist to design custom bookplates, I will let folks know when these are available.

International Pre-Orders






Multiple Countries
(See List)

Sweden, Norway, Finland
(Search Kiri Callaghan)

United Kingdom

If you don't see your country's Amazon listed and would like to check if it's available, click the link above.

Know of a link to a retailer you don't see here? Reach out on Twitter!

If you don't yet have a copy of the 1st book, Alys: The Terra Mirum Chronicles may be purchased from your favorite retailer, or through Amazon's Universal Link.

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