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Saga Kolbeck | Gasoline Cover

Name: Saga Kolbeck Tik Tok Username: (kiricallaghan) Age: 29 Religious Affiliation: Former Binary Magical Ability: Technomancy Occupation: Archivist/Librarian/Researcher Augmentation: Internal wifi/ability to connect consciousness to the network from remotely any location, ports in the back of her neck to jack in to local networks, EMP trigger that forces everything within a 30 ft or smaller radius to go offline for ten seconds before needing to hard reboot. Aesthetic hair implants that change the color. Appearance: Pale (but who isn’t in this town?), honey colored eyes, silver/white hair. Her favorite color is teal. Average build. No visible tattoos but it’s not uncommon to see encryptions scribbled on her skin or mapping out circuitboards when she’s bored. She wears long cardigans to keep warm, tall boots to deal with walking through whatever grime is on the streets and a small circuitboard she wears on a necklace. The first she ever built. Background: Born into the Auricle City Binary equivalent of a strict Roman Catholic Home, Saga began her technical education very early. Her parents were far from wealthy, but they were well connected within their religion, which afforded her some of the best teachers in the technical field. A prodigy in puzzles and technical logistics, she built her first CPU at only 7yr old. It was this same drive and accomplishment that awarded her a coveted internship at Conway Technical at 15, where her official title was ‘corporate research analyst intern’, but the wry smile she always says it with will give you an impression this may be a euphemism. At 18, she unexpectedly left her job with Conway Technical, began to question her religious upbringing and parted ways with its teachings. Though in the same way “recovering” Catholics will still cross themselves, she finds herself still falling into old habits or mindsets from time to time. She now works in the Auricle City Library, helping maintain the mainframes and keeping information as available to everyone who wishes to access it.

When asked why she left her position at Conway technical she simply shrugs, says an offhanded comment about a 'toxic work environment', and changes the subject.

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