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Livestream Schedule - 11/27/2020

Apparently after 7 years, my Blue Yeti mic is kicking the bucket. So I'm gonna perform and maybe raise a lil dough, but also give back to you and your awesomeness. Tiktok & Twitch Streams.

You may request a song at any time, most will be held at 2:30pm, please give three song options in case I don't know one or more of them. If I don't know all three, we'll work something out. Please use the rough list below as a guide.

Note, this schedule may change at any time.

12pm: Chat & Lunch (TikTok/Twitch Crossover Stream)

  • Introductions, how this will be working, links

12:45pm: Character Creation Video (Twitch)

  • From My YouTube, a video of how to create a character. While I focused on LARP aspects, most also apply to creating characters for books.

1:00pm: Story Structure & How To Outline (Twitch/TikTok Crossover Stream)

  • While this is a cross-over stream, I recommend tuning in to Twitch specifically for the full picture and not just me talking. Visual Aids will be important.

  • We're going to go over the basic bones of a story, how I create an outline for a book, and then build that outline into something fully fleshed out.

2:15pm: Bio Break

  • Get your snacks, go to the bathroom, etc

2:30pm: Acapella Concert (TikTok/Twitch Crossover Stream)

  • Request songs through donation (rough list below)

    • Twitch: Paypal Donation $10 Song Request

    • TikTok: Concert Gift (Mathmatically these two work out as the same, but I recommend donating through paypal as TikTok takes half of whatever you donate (through gifts).

3:30pm: Tea, Bake & Chat (TikTok)

  • Hang out, chat, etc

4:30pm: ? 5:00pm: Come Game With Us on WoW? (Twitch)

Rough Song List:


  • Hamilton, Wicked, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen (mostly just Requiem), Phantom of the Opera, Camelot, RENT, Les Miserables, etc. (I don't sing Cats, but I will sing a 10 second middle finger to Andrew Llyod Weber about Cats)

Disney Songs (& Muppets & Don Bluth Musicals)

  • This was my bread and butter growing up, I probably will know the song no issue. (knocks on wood)

Shanties/Folk Songs

  • Dark Lady, The Fisherman's Song, Homeward Bound, Red is the Rose, Amarili's Secret, The Parting Glass, Cruel Sister, Kilkenny Ireland, Randy Dandy O, A Drop of Nelson's Blood, The Willow Maid, Song of Fey Cross

Pop Songs

I put this up very tentatively on the list because

  1. There are a million of them and there's bound to be a lot more I don't know. And

  2. Most of them don't sound right acapella and I don't enjoy singing them as much.

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