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Witches Brew: Gift of the Green Man

I'm a bit of an eclectic witch, but primarily, I have worked mostly in chaos and green magic. Under quarantine, I've been feeling rather... disconnected, as you might imagine. It's hard to feel at one with nature when you're more or less trapped inside.

We don't have many live plants in my apartment simply because the lighting is very strange and I haven't quite figured out which will thrive the most in our home. It's been a struggle. So I've been working in areas that I can. We're confined to our homes for our safety, and thus I have delved further into hearth magic. Which, naturally, includes kitchen magic.

Once upon a time* Angelique and I had two opportunities that have shifted my view of a very particular liquor. The first was a trip to Chicago where we were able to sneak into a marvelous speak-easy by the name of "The Violet Hour".

Lovely, wonderful place, and if you're in Chicago after this clears, I cannot recommend enough you give them a visit. Heck, I recommend you give them a hand if you can right now by making a donation or picking up one of their cocktail kits. Angelique had a side-car that literally brought her to tears, and I had my first taste of Absinthe. The Violet

Hour actually holds an Absinthe Happy Hour (Mon - Thursday, 6pm to 8pm) and I took this opportunity to try something new. I attempted to look on their online selection but am fairly certain I do not see the one I tried, so it's possible they rotate their selection (this is highly unimportant, Kiri), but I believe I tried La Muse Verte because I remember it being described as an older French family recipe. Regardless, I found myself very surprised in not only did I thoroughly enjoy the flavor, but the strong star anise flavor reminded me very much of ritual work. For that alone, I found myself a bit enamored with the drink.

A few weeks following, we were treated to an engagement gift of a trip to Club 33, something that I imagine I will never be able to do on my own, and it was a once in a lifetime treat. I encountered a cocktail there called a "Green & Cream" that used an absinthe base with lime, cream and meringue. And it's quite haunted me since. So I've been attempting to recreate it. I'm not entirely sure if I've done that faithfully, but I've done to the best of my recollection and ability (given that I have only tasted it once and am not able to taste it again unless I somehow gain entrance once more--which is unlikely). I renamed it for both acknowledging that this recipe is, despite my best efforts, ultimately an homage to a "Green & Cream" and because ultimately my purposes are a bit different with it.

I have listed the basic ingredients first, and then gone into further detail of each herb's meaning before moving on to the actual directions and spell craft.

This drink is very appropriate for Ostara (which, yes, I know is behind us now), but also, depending on your purposes, might be useful as is or even for ritual preparation.

Note: I am, ultimately, fairly lactose intolerant, so instead of using 'cream', I used a non-dairy creamer substitute. This DOES have sweetener added, so if you opt to use an unsweetened cream, you may have to account for that.

*A few months ago

Basic Recipe

1 1/2 oz La Clandestine Absinthe

1oz Lime Cordial

1oz Pineapple

2oz French Vanilla Creamer

1 egg white (lightly meringue)


Wormwood (Mars, Fire & Air)

  • Divination & Astral Projection

  • Protection From Accidents

  • Countering Harmful Spells

  • + Calming Stomach Pain & Appetite Stimulant

Star Anise (Jupiter, Air)

  • Calm

  • Good Luck

  • Protection

  • Psychic Awareness

  • + Digestion Aid & Appetite Stimulant (Do not consume while pregnant)

Fennel (Mercury, Air)

  • Confidence

  • Memory

  • Repel Interference

  • Protect From Harmful Magic

  • + Ease Hunger, Anti-inflammatory, Digestive Aid

Lime Cordial

Lime (Sun, Fire)

  • Purification & Protection

  • Love

  • Joy

Cane Sugar (Venus, Water)

  • Love, Lust


(Sun, Fire)

  • Luck & Prosperity

  • Protecting Possessions & Family

  • Draw Wealth

  • Confidence

  • + Digestive Aid, Anti-Inflammatory, High in Vitamin C


Milk/Cream (Moon, Venus, Goddess Energy)

  • Ostara

  • Prosperity

Coconut Milk/Cream

  • Protection

  • Spiritual Cleansing

Vanilla (Venus, Water)

  • Happiness & Soothing Energy

  • Good Fortune

  • Enhances Mental Stimulation

  • Enhance Physical Energy


  • Ostara

  • Protection

  • Fertility

  • Purification


First step, you'll want to take your egg and separate the egg while it is still cold. You may do what you wish with the yolk, but place the egg white in a glass or metal bowl. I suggest covering it to prevent anything from falling in. I used one of my altar cloths and placed it on my altar for 30 minutes. This is to primarily help the meringue process, but you may use this time to set your intention as well.

If you're making this for Ostara, you can sing a song, or simply focus on the holiday and the activities you have planned. If you're making it for ritual prep, I suggest focusing on protection. If you need help with visualization, I try to focus on how the egg white keeps the yolk protected, and imagine a protective aura of light around yourself in a similar fashion.

I also like to use this time to ask for the Green Man's Blessing (eg.):

Green Man of the Wood

God of the Wild and Free

With Honor and Love, I invoke thee

Bless this work and intention

And if it harm none, so mote it be

After the egg white has warmed for approximately 30 minutes, you can begin to whisk it to a light meringue. You're not making a full on meringue, and feel free to use a mixer if you're more comfortable, but I prefer to do it by hand since you're only making a light latte-like froth of soft peaks. With each stroke, imagine you're building protective walls as the meringue thickens.

Once you've achieved enough stiffness in the egg-white for soft peaks, set it aside.

Fill your drink shaker with ice cubes and add the absinthe. (You do not have to recite anything, I just like to, even if just internally):

Fennel for protection

and Anise for good luck

Steeped in Wormwood to help me reach beyond the veil

Add lime cordial to your shaker, then the pineapple and creamer.

Sweetened lime so we may work in love

Pineapple to draw health and wealth

Coconut to cleanse the spirit that I may be worthy to receive these gifts

And vanilla to prompt good fortune

Shake together for approximately 30-40 seconds, focusing again on your overall intention. Shaker should be sufficiently cold and frosted. Pour drink into glass, remove ice. Now you're going to do a reverse shake (where you shake the drink with the egg whites gently with no ice but while the shaker is still cold). Ice can break down the froth in the egg whites, so this should help keep the froth but mix the two together.

Pour egg whites into shaker. Then pour the drink mixture (again, no ice) back into the shaker with the egg whites. Shake for another 30 seconds or so. Visualize the egg whites protecting the ingredients inside as they once did the yolk, now protecting your spell's integrity and your intentions.

Pour drink into your desired glass (a short cocktail glass, or in my case, a tea cup). Let stand 1 minute.

Blessings did I ask

Blessing did he grant

Gifts to the faithful

Gifts of the Wild

I toast to the Lord of the Green

Take a drink!

Note: Absinthe is a somewhat misunderstood alcohol, so while it will not have you seeing fairies or hallucinating, remember it IS a very high proof. Please drink this slowly.

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