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Where's the Whimsy?

A few years ago my wife was having a story meeting with our friend Shawn for the Labyrinth Masquerade.

If you're familiar with the event, you may be surprised to realize that there's a story to it beyond the basic background of the movie that inspired it. There is! And there's a new plot from year to year but unless you're part of the cast it can feel impossible to decipher it through merely dance and pantomime.

If you're not familiar-- The Labyrinth Masquerade is the largest masquerade ball in North America. It's fantastic and definitely a place of magic and whimsy--but more on that later--I promise. And I'll do my best to let you in on any story points--just so you have them.

My point is, during that story meeting, Shawn posed a question to Angelique that has admittedly haunted the back of my mind ever since she shared this story with me.

He asked, "Where's the whimsy?"

An odd out of context question, which becomes a bit silly when you realize it's about the story of one of the most whimsical events we help come to life (seriously, we end the night by dancing with a giant sparkly white and blue dragon puppet). Trust me, this event has the whimsy, it's got it coming out of its ears--one hardly need look for it.

However for the rest of my life, that question sat, mostly unanswered.

I am a devout seeker of hygge and magic. So every now and then when the world feels drab, depressing or just suffocatingly mundane, I find myself asking that same little query: Where is the whimsy? If a simple quality can bring such unmitigated joy to my day, why am I not trying to incorporate it into my life all the time?

Here I will be cataloguing that search--and I hope you'll join me in doing the same for yourself.

Tell me friend, in your life, where is the whimsy?

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