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The Dawn Will Come (Cover Song)

I've been thinking a lot about this song lately, so we decided to revisit it since I was dressed as a Dalish for Faire From Home.

Let me back up. This past weekend Angelique and I hosted watch parties and zoom meetings to best imitate the Renaissance Faire experience because for obvious reasons, the faire was cancelled. Angelique has always attended or participated in the faire since she first moved to Los Angeles, as many of you know, it's where we first met each other, so we wanted to very much make it mean something. We watched some faire-appropriate movies, we dressed up, we took turns singing songs, and we even had moments of LARP style descriptions (eg. FORSOOTH, YOUR SENSES ARE PLEASANTLY OVERWHELMED WITH THE SCENT OF GARLIC FROM THE FOOD VENDOR TO YOUR RIGHT. YOU SEE IT IS NONE OTHER THAN THE SEASONING DELIGHT THAT IS THE GARLIC FESTIVAL) that described not only what you might see at the faire, but also provided a link to that vendor's online store to help push sales for them since faire is a huge part of their revenue.

Fun fact, we're attempting a larger scale open to public Pirate Party this Saturday. You should try to stop by if that's up your alley. Kindness and jovial expectations required. Pirate accouterments encouraged.

So after the event was closing down and we had heard people sharing both their fears and hopes, this song was especially in my mind, and since I was very much already dressed for it, it seemed the perfect time to film it.

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