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Donut Ask For What The Belly Growls--It Growls for Pastry

I love the look of the quintessential donut. Perfectly golden dough cooked just right, the shape, the bubble-gum pink icing that always makes me think of the best confectionaries--even though I really hate bubblegum flavored anything... other than bubblegum--SPRINKLES, I mean... who doesn't love sprinkles?

...Well, I'm sure someone does but I personally worry for their soul and sense of joy. Sprinkles are just happy.

Yet despite this, I have to admit... I do not care for donuts. I have never encountered something so aesthetically appealing and delicious smelling that my mouth just did not care for.

It's the texture, it's the taste of nothing but sugar, and after about a bite, I'm ultimately done. I think it's gotten worse after the pandemic.

We live in a fairly small one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles--but at the start of the pandemic, it was even SMALLER. So at the height of lockdown, the only place we had to walk or move was from our front door to the 30 paces to our back window in the bedroom.

It wasn't great.

For this reason, we decided to try a keto diet so that we could try to manage things, and honestly, I think this killed my tolerance for a lot of very sugary things. I still like sweet, mind you, but anything that tasted literally of just sugar... soured with me a lot. And not in the fun "this makes my mouth pucker and eyes water" way. (This is a tangential point, but I'm fairly certain my sour tolerance went up, maybe? That or American sour candy has gotten weak. Very weak.)

This is my overly loquacious way to introduce to my fellow LA residents: The Protein Do-Cake by New N' Fresh Nutrition.

Birthday Cake Do-Cake! (SPRINKLES!)

First, I'm going to clarify: This is in no way a paid post. I'm just kind of obsessed with these donut/cake things.

Second, I firmly believe we should detatch the idea of morality from food. It's caused far too much damage, and the bs of "you are what you eat" is dehumanizing and let's be honest, the biggest scam in America would have to be the diet industry.

I want to preface with this, because when I talk about the nutritional value, I don't want to shame anyone for preferring the OG donut or cake or what have you. While I personally do have a bit of a struggle with real cake or donuts (depending on the recipe) because it can often taste TOO sugary to me, my favorite thing about these is they're packed with protein and make a great pre or post work-out snack.

If I'm not careful, I can be prone to getting very shaky and even a little light-headed after cardio, but this is both rewarding for my taste-buds and my body (helping me restore what I need after a workout, but also tasty enough that I remember... to eat)

Sometimes remembering to eat is an uphill battle. And then by the time I do, it's usually something last minute that's not actually giving me the nutrients I need to recover/continue.

Steph makes these fresh every week, you can fill out an order form, and then I believe there are locations to go pick them up.

I realize this isn't super helpful if you aren't in the Los Angeles area but... I'm a wee obsessed with these things and I just want to share this small business with you.

This week I got to have coffee and a donut for breakfast. Normally after one bite of donut, I'd be done. And if I DID get to nom it, I'd be crashing pretty hard due to the sugar high.

It's a silly thing to rejoice in maybe, but it brings me joy. I mean, look at the sprinkles!

Yay sprinkles.

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